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Located in the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida, Nine Lives Café is not your typical cat café; it’s a compassionate haven for our feline friends. Our primary objective is to combat euthanasia and promote the adoption of cats, all while educating the community about the therapeutic benefits that cats can provide to individuals when they are nurtured in a secure and nurturing environment. We proudly serve Southern Florida as a beacon of hope for cats in need and a source of comfort and joy for those who find solace in their purring companionship.

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Indulge in delicious café food and beverages.

Cat Heaven Admissions

Experience the purr-fect therapy with our Cat Heaven admissions.

Yoga Class

Join our rejuvenating yoga classes in the company of our furry friends.

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Shop for premium Cat Care Products to keep your cats happy.

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The story behind our café

Nine Lives Café is a no kill shelter cat café based in West Palm Beach, Florida. Our mission is to decrease euthanasia treatments by increasing cat adoptions and spreading awareness on how therapeutic cats can be to people when they are in a safe and healthy environment to all of Southern Florida.

Nine Lives Café is part for profit and part non profit. Our business is structured this way because the revenue we make in sales will help fund our mission to save cat’s lives! A percentage of each sale made at the café is donated to Nine Lives Café Corp. the non profit. Nine Lives Café will host events for the community as well to serve it’s mission as a non for profit.

Why choose our café

Nine Lives Café is unique from every other cat adoption center and café because we are a luxury state of the art cat foster sanctuary, where you can enjoy food and beverages intricately created to satisfy our guests and enhance the cat adoption experience. We offer our guests and cats a space to make intimate bonds through food, yoga, and daily constant socialization increasing their opportunity for fast adoption, which will result in an overall decrease of euthanasia treatments to felines!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cat café, and what is Nine Lives Café

A cat café offers a unique and cozy experience, where you can enjoy your favorite coffee or tea in the delightful company of friendly feline companions. It’s a place where you can relax, interact with adorable cats, and even consider adopting a new furry friend.

Enter Nine Lives Café, the very first cat café in West Palm Beach, FL. Our mission is to combat the cruel practice of euthanasia by promoting cat adoption, and we’ve taken this mission to a whole new level. Our luxurious, state-of-the-art cat café is in collaboration with a local adoption center to create Cat Heaven, a haven for adoption-ready cats. Each cat residing in Cat Heaven is available for adoption right here at Nine Lives Café. Alongside an array of delicious beverages and tempting small bites, we also offer exclusive Nine Lives merchandise for purchase. You can unwind while enjoying therapeutic cat yoga sessions or simply immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere filled with cats. Moreover, we regularly host exciting events to enhance your overall experience. Come, relax, and perhaps find your perfect feline companion at Nine Lives Café!

Where is Nine Lives Café located?

Nine Lives Café is located in West Palm Beach, FL. You can find our exact address on our website.

What can I expect at Nine Lives Café?

 Our café is divided into two sections. The first is the Café area where guests can enjoy small bites and beverages without cats roaming around but with a stunning view of the cat room. The second is our Cat Heaven playroom, where you can enjoy food and beverages from the café while surrounded by adorable, adoption-ready kitties.

Do you offer cat care products for sale?

Yes, we offer a selection of cat care products for purchase at our café. These include toys, treats, and other essential cat supplies.

What are therapeutic cat yoga classes, and how can I join one?

Our therapeutic cat yoga classes are a unique experience that combines yoga with the presence of our adorable cats. You can find information about class schedules and how to sign up on our website.

How can I support Nine Lives Café's mission even if I can't adopt a cat?

 There are many ways to support our mission, such as making a donation, volunteering, or participating in our events. You can also help by spreading the word about our café and the importance of cat adoption.

Can I adopt a cat from Nine Lives Café?

Absolutely! Our primary goal is to facilitate cat adoptions. We have adoption-ready cats available for those looking to provide a loving forever home for a feline friend.

Do I need a reservation to visit Nine Lives Café?

Reservations are recommended, especially for the Cat Heaven playroom, as space may be limited. You can make a reservation by contacting us.

What kind of food and beverages do you offer at the café?

 Our café serves a variety of small bites and beverages. You can check our menu on our website for a list of available options.

What are the benefits of becoming a Nine Lives Café member?

 Memberships offer various benefits, including waived admission fees to the Cat Heaven playroom, special discounts. You can learn more about our membership options on our website.

Do you host events at Nine Lives Café?

Yes, we host events to build our cat-loving community. Check our website or follow our social media to stay updated on upcoming events and activities.

Is Nine Lives Café suitable for children?

Yes, Nine Lives Café is a family-friendly establishment. However, children must be supervised while interacting with the cats.

If you have any more questions or need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or visit us in person. We look forward to welcoming you to Nine Lives Café!

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